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The “Department of Social Welfare” in Banjul wants to assist us with the import into the Gambia of items which are being donated by Foundations and individuals in The Netherlands to humanitarian projects in The Gambia. 

The Department of Social Welfare can only render assistance if, before the shipment is taking place, the Foundation or individual issues a complete packing list, indicating each item to be donated (so please indicate exact number of boxes/bags, which boxes and bags need to be numbered, with exact description of contents, and exact description of “unpacked items”. Also this packing list needs to show for which humanitarian aid purpose in The Gambia the goods are destined (e.G. for which school or for which hospital).The declaration which can be downloaded has to be filled in and signed, and it has to be sent to us with the packing list. 

This packing list needs to be sent to our Consulate General for certification. Our Consulate General will issue an accompanying letter which states that all items in the packing list will be donated and that these items are solely destined for humanitarian projects in The Gambia. 

Our Consulate General sends a copy of this packing list with the accompanying consular letter to the Department of Social Welfare. Each packing list (with accompanying letter) is being issued in 2-fold. These 2 copies are being sent to the applicant in The Netherlands. One packing list is for your own file and the second issue is for the recipient of the goods. You need to make sure that the receiver of the goods receives this packing list in time.

Because the papers need to be received by the Gambian Department of Social Welfare three weeks before arrival of the goods in The Gambia, we ask you to make sure that your complete packing list is in the possession of our Consulate General four weeks before arrival of the goods in The Gambia. 

The recipient of the goods in The Gambia needs to contact the Department of Social Welfare immediately upon receipt of the packing list (= approximately three weeks before arrival of the goods). Contact details are as follows:

Department of Social Welfare

Marina Parade


The Gambia

Ms Fanta Bai Secka/Director

Tel.: +220-4228843 

Upon receipt of the packing list certified by our Consulate General, the Department of Social Welfare arranges for the Duty Waiver for the goods which are to be imported into The Gambia for humanitarian purposes.The recipient of the goods needs to be prepared to buy the Customs Entry Form. The Customs Entry Form is no part of the Duty Waiver. The recipient of the goods needs to discuss with the Department of Social Welfare how the Customs Entry Form needs to be purchased.

It will be clear that random survey scan take place in relation with the contents of the humanitarian goods shipments. It is very important that no goods are being dispatched which are not destined for donation to humanitarian purposes.