Kindly be informed that the Gambian Embassy in Brussels advises as follows:

If a traveller brings with him/her to The Gambia during his/her holiday medications for personal use which contain substances which normally are not allowed in The Gambia, then traveller should bring with him a recent written statement from his/her GP (or prescribing physician), in the English language, with stamp and signature of the GP/physician, containing the full name and date of birth of the person using the medication, as well as reason why this medication is prescribed, and the exact dosage/quantity used per day. Once can ask Farmatek to process the document, however, the Embassy does not consider this to be necessary. It is not necessary to come to our Consulate General for a second legalisation of the document (our Consulate General normally would legalize the signature of the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

In case traveller needs e.G. very heavy painkillers, then The Gambian Embassy in Brussels advises traveller to bring along a written “second opinion” issued by an independant authority, confirming that the medication which is prescribed, indeed is prescribed to traveller for the purpose which also is indicated in the first statement.

The quantity of medications brought along to The Gambia for the total holiday needs to correspond with the quantity which is indicated in the physician’s statement. (It will be understood if one brings medications for one additional day in relation with the possible delay of a flight, however, do not bring much more “extra”.) Please bring the medications in the original packing (so that it can be easily established that, what once takes, corresponds with what is indicated in the physician’s statement, and also was prescribed to the person for whom the statement was issued). 

While travelling to The Gambia please keep the medications and the statement together, so that the statement can be shown as soon as the authorities ask for same.