If you have received the Dutch nationality, and have been asked by the Dutch IND to renounce your Gambian nationality, then please be informed that since end 2008 our Consulate General does not handle the "Renunciation of Citizenship-procedure" anymore. You are kindly requested to contact the Gambian Embassy in Brussels;
Embassy of the Republic of The Gambia & Mission to the European Communities

126, Avenue Franklin Roosevelt
B-1050 Brussels
Tel: 00-32-2-6401049

According to our information, one needs following documents to renounce his/her Gambian nationality:

  1. The ‘Renunciation of Citizenship of The Gambia”-form  has to be filled out, dated and signed by applicant. This form has to be stamped by the Municipality where applicant is living as a proof that the authority which granted applicant the Dutch nationality is aware of the fact that applicant intends to renounce his/her Gambian nationality. Therefore applicant has to ask his/her municipality to place a stamp on the form with the text: “this document has been seen by the Municipality of………(where applicant is living)”.
  2. Applicant's former (original) Gambian passport.
  3. A copy of the decree of the Ministry of Justice (=the letter, in which the Dutch nationality is granted to applicant), and a sworn translation (= beëdigde vertaling) in the English language of this decree (the Gambian authorities do not accept a translation which is not sworn).
  4. A copy of applicant's Dutch passport.

Please contact the Gambian Embassy to inquire what is required exactly. The Gambian Embassy in Brussels can also inform you regarding cost involved etc.